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Christos Papazoglou, D.O. M.Ost

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Passionate. Professional. Dedicated.

For 8 years I've been working for the well-being of others, I've taken global health to heart, and I'm always keen to offer quality service that's adapted to the different issues of my clientele, of all ages.

Faced with a wide range of ailments, I have perfected my skills over the years. My commitment to continuing education and professional development helps me to stay current with advances in the field of osteopathy, which have led me to specialize in high-level athletes and frozen shoulder.

With a Master's degree in Sports Osteopathy and a training period with the Montreal Alouettes, I have a solid knowledge base that enables me to help with a variety of problems and injuries. My academic background includes Stanford University, Nutrition Science - Cranial Sacral Therapy, Upledger Institute - Pediatric Osteopathy, EPOQ, and C.L.M Chris Leong Method Tit tar.

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